Lyle is a fiscal conservative who has help cut waste and ensure our state lives within its means. Our state mandates a balanced budget – but Lyle has ensured that we’ve gotten the job done each time through cuts – never from raising taxes. In fact, he’s cut taxes by $5 billion over the last few years. And in the latest budget, he voted to invest $800 million in border security and ensured our neediest Texans like our foster kids have the care and resources they need.

Job Creation

Endorsed by the Texas Association of Business, Lyle’s priority is ensuring Texas remains a competitive business environment so we can continue to attract the best companies and jobs that our families need to thrive. He has carried to the torch for cutting bad regulations and taxes that have prevented our small businesses from thriving. While much of nation suffered during the recession, Texas was the top job creator in America because of our business environment. Lyle wants to make Texas the easiest place to start a business and we are well on our way.

2nd Amendment

Lyle is committed to continuously advancing our gun rights. Last session, Lyle helped pass Texas’ first Open Carry law. This session, he cut the license-to-carry fee down from $140 to $40 – a great cut for gun owners. Lyle sees this as a great step toward eliminating the fee altogether.


Lyle is 100% pro-life. He has voted yes on every pro-life legislation that’s passed. Last session, he helped Texas defund Planned Parenthood, and this session we banned all partial-birth abortions. He has a consistent record of standing for life that we can trust. That’s why he’s endorsed by Texas Alliance of Life.


In Austin, Lyle has cut state taxes by $5 billion – the equivalent of the entire state budget of Vermont. But now, with neighbors facing high property taxes, Lyle is taking the fight to the local level where property taxes are set.

He is committed to granting you the power to VETO big property tax increases by election. He believes local government must justify their tax plans or face rejection from you. Previously, Lyle froze taxes for seniors and fought to freeze appraisals for homeowners. He also cut taxes 7 times as County Commissioner – lowering the rate more than 10%. Lyle has a tax-cutting record we can trust.

Immigration/Border Security

Due to the federal government’s recent failure to secure the border, Lyle co-authored and passed HB 11, which Governor Abbott signed into law last session. It was a monumental border security package that added 250 troopers and high-tech surveillance to secure our border. We have since maintained that level of security putting $800 million toward keeping the border safe from gangs and drug cartels and it has made a huge difference. This session, Lyle voted to ban sanctuary cities that ignored our immigration laws. Now cities like Austin must honor ICE detainer orders and stop “catch and release” policies that put our families at risk.

Education/School Choice

When it comes to public education, Lyle’s top priority is protecting our local schools and ensuring they have the necessary resources to give our kids a high-quality education. He is also supportive of our parents being able to choose where their kids go to school.

Water Issues

We are a little lucky in this area – because Lyle was appointed to be the Chairman of the House Committee of Natural Resources. That means he is the leading voice for Texas water policy in the House. And as chairman, he has ensured passage of new policies that put our state on track toward a secured water supply.


Lyle has really delivered for us here in San Antonio. Last session, he led the fight to pass a non-toll expansion plan for Highway 281 and I-10. He was successful and because of it, San Antonio has remained toll-free.

Election Integrity

Lyle voted in favor of Texas’ Voter ID law to protect the integrity of our elections. And he’s working hard to bring an end to all mail ballot fraud and abuse.